Mykonos’ Spring

Spring Mykonos
Easter is coming. Spring colours, traditional religious festivities, Mykonos at its best! (photo credits: V.Tsikkinis)

Little Venice

One of the places symbol of Chora is Little Venice, the district so called because the houses with their balconies are built above the water and remind to those of Venice. Little Venice is located in the centre of the city of Mykonos and is composed by traditional multicolored houses that belonged to rich merchants and captains in the 1700’s, that give the impression of floating on the Egeo sea, amazing the traveller. Sensational the sunset from this district, absolutely not to be missed: the gold waves break on the promenade while the sky colors itself of shades from yellow to red. The narrow streets of Little Venice form a labyrinth designed originally to confuse the pirates in case they attacked the city, today enriched by galleries of art and exhibitions. Enjoy a cocktail at sunset on the promenade and then party all night in elegant discos and cafes of Little Venice.