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The true expression of Cycladic architecture

The Cyclades islands take their name from being an archipelago consisting of 56 small and large islands that ideally form a magical circle around the sacred island of Delos.  for many centuries the island was the Panhellenic religious center and it is said that it gave birth to Apollo and Artemis,it is a small island surrounded by  beautiful sea, entirely affected by the archaeological site.READ MORE

Mykonos: the most fascinating island of the Cyclades

According to Greek mythology, the island of Mykonos was created following the struggle between Zeus and the Giants. When they were defeated, the pieces of the giants’ bodies fell into the sea and turned into rock, one of which would create the island of Mykonos.READ MORE

The most fashionable venues in Mykonos – Part 1

Wonderful golden sand beaches, sunset aperitifs and trendy venues to enjoy all day long: Mykonos is the most chic, elegant and worldly Greek island! And now we will go together to discover the most famous and luxurious venues of the island.READ MORE