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Mykonos beaches: From the most peaceful to the most lively

Famous for its white houses overlooking a wide bay and the characteristic windmills, the island has become a very wordly tourist destination. Although it is considered the most commercial of the Greek islands, full of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and tourist places, Mykonos preserves picturesque corners, like the alleys full of flowers among the white houses and the characteristic taverns with blue wooden chairs overlooking the sea. The beaches, are beautiful and here we want to tell you which ones we think are the most beautiful.READ MORE

Mykonos: more than just a trendy island

The island of Mykonos is one of the most fashionable destinations for the summer, and like all the islands of Greece, offers countless places and interesting attractions for those who are willing to take full advantage of every holiday day. READ MORE

Visiting Naxos island: nature & never ending beaches

If you are in Mykonos and want to visit another beautiful island not far away we recommend Naxos. This is the largest of the Cyclades islands. Verdosque, with majestic valleys and wide and white beaches, Naxos is a paradise for those who want to spend time relaxing and immersed in nature.


Mykonos: traditional & international

Known as the most fashionable and trendy of the Greek islands, Mikonos offers fun, marvelous beaches, romantic windmills, bar and discos in which to have fun day and night to the rhythm of music. Here the summer season begins immediately after Easter, thanks to the continuous influx of tourists, mostly very young, and the continuous warm and breezy climate.READ MORE

Little Venice: enjoy a sunset cocktail by the sea

The island of Mykonos is a wonderful place for your holidays where you can stay and enjoy whole days by the sea and visit interesting places. The island of Mykonos has to be experienced to realise that it is wrong to label it as suitable for only a certain type of holiday. READ MORE

An excursion to Delos: a full immersion in history

Although Delos is one of the smallest islands in the Aegean, it was the most famous and the most sacred of all the islands in antiquity, since according to the myth Apollo-Sun was born there, the god of daylight and Artemis-Moon, the goddess of the night light, that is to say that light was born there, which was the supreme good for the ancient Greeks.READ MORE

The true expression of Cycladic architecture

The Cyclades islands take their name from being an archipelago consisting of 56 small and large islands that ideally form a magical circle around the sacred island of Delos.  for many centuries the island was the Panhellenic religious center and it is said that it gave birth to Apollo and Artemis,it is a small island surrounded by  beautiful sea, entirely affected by the archaeological site.READ MORE

Mykonos: the most fascinating island of the Cyclades

According to Greek mythology, the island of Mykonos was created following the struggle between Zeus and the Giants. When they were defeated, the pieces of the giants’ bodies fell into the sea and turned into rock, one of which would create the island of Mykonos.READ MORE