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Greek Souvlaki Skewers

ooznu The most popular food in Greece are these skewers of meat (pork, lamb or chicken) marinated in olive oil, lemon and spices and then cooked over charcoal. They are eaten alone or within the typical pita enriched with other condiments. READ MORE

Loukoumi: Traditional Greek Candy

cooktoo_loukoumi The Loukoumi are sweet cubes with flour and sugar flavored with different tastes like, rose water, lemon, cinnamon, mint, almonds and mixed fruit. According to tradition, should be composed of 99% sugar and, as if this were not enough, it is also covered by a fine layer of icing sugar !!READ MORE

Typical Greek Recipe: Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki-Sauce-1 Probably the most famous sauce of Greek cuisine. Sauce made with yogurt, garlic and cucumber, is widely used in Greek cuisine as an accompaniment to many dishes, especially meat, and as a condiment in the “pita with gyros.”READ MORE

Local Products: Kopanisti

katheryn's kitchen This is a cheese that when first tasted will never be forgotten. Soft in texture and creamy in color it is a local favorite with a real kick. Somewhat similar to Roquefort this cheese carries its own unique character and a much sharper bite. Although produced throughout the Cycladic Islands the particular variety that comes from Mykonos is world famous.READ MORE

Greek tapas: Mezedes

Harutaka Kishi Mykonos island is known for its gourmet restaurants and hip dinner spots, as well as its picturesque little tavernas by the sea, where one can sit down and have a glass of ouzo accompanied by delicious “mezedes” (is a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic beverages as a dish or as an appetizer before the main course). Rich in fresh fish, delicious seafood and excellent local meat, the traditional Mykonian cuisine is a mixture of Mediterranean flavors spiced up by some authentic island inspiration. (photo credits: H.Kishi)

The traditional Greek drink: Ouzo

collage Ouzo is the alcoholic traditional Greek beverage from the unmistakable aroma of star anise, associated to the very idea of summer, sea, taverns by the sea and appetizers (mezedes). The origin of its name is uncertain. According to some, the term ouzo comes from the Turkish word “Uzum” in turkish means “grape stalk”. It is mixed with water, becoming cloudy white, and is served with ice cubes in a small glass.