You have been in Mykonos for a few days already and suddenly feel the need to retreat to somewhere decidedly more spiritual, or you are travelers fascinated by culture and religious art. Well, either way, Tinos island is for you!

Accessible from Mykonos in half an hour by ferry, with crossings several times a day from morning to night. Tinos is a destination not only appreciated by those who seek a more “mystical” vacation, but also by those who prefer a more soft residence with rhythms scanding by the Chora daily.

The island has a surface of 195 square kilometres, with a population of 9,000 inhabitants, a similar amount to Mykonos, but very different in terms of habits and occupation.

White Capital is facing the wide port and gathers around the great Panaghia Evangelisteria, protecting the seafarers. The modern sanctuary contains a famous icon of the Virgin Mary, believed to be miraculous, and is therefore the destination of pilgrimages by many believers. There is also a spring inside the church, which has miraculous properties.

There are many similarities with Lourdes, which is why it is easy to see the rise from the port to the sanctuary by faithfully walking around 800 metres down on their knees, as a sign of devotion. 


As we have said, however, the island offers more than just a spiritual refuge. The town of Tinos is made up of a multitude of narrow streets lined with small souvenir shops where you can find typical gastronomic products, local handicrafts and small boutiques. It won't be difficult to satisfy your every need.

All along the wide port radius there are small restaurants and bars where you can have an aperitif while enjoying the sunset. Finding excellent fresh fish is not difficult at all and every palate will be satisfying!

There are several beaches in Tinos to visit, and while they may not be particularly sandy or well-equipped, they do allow you to enjoy the wilder and more unspoilt marine life. Most of them are gravel and pebbles, but the crystal-clear sea, easily accessible to all, and small kiosks right on the beach provide pleasant afternoons of relaxation, often in the natural shade of the native vegetation.

Are you already tired of all this calm and relaxation? Well, that's not a problem on the island. You can easily book a rental car or moped and continue your discovery of this wonderful island directly on the road!

The island is made up of more than 50 villages, often perched high up, in keeping with the Hellenic tradition of being safe from pirates in ancient times. They all have a great story to tell and smell of antiquity.

18 km from Tinos Town is Ysternia. Situated on a promontory, it is among the largest villages on the island. Known for the art of marble sculpture, it is the birthplace of many sculptors, such as Sochos, Lameras and the Fitali brothers. Going down to the sea, we find Ysternia Bay, where an accessible beach awaits you for a nice refreshing swim and when hunger strikes you can't help but go to Thalassaki, an excellent restaurant right on the sea (better to book in advance).

Following your adventure on the road, about 23 km from the top of the island, you will find Pyrgos, the largest village on the island, born under the Venetian domain. Definitely scenic, for its coloured pathways and marmorean architecture, with the central square containing an ancient platan and a traditional marble fountain that will catapult you at a very different time.

Every street is a work to appreciate, and small craft shops and artisan galleries will make you discover small and great wonders.

At 27 km from the city centre you will find the small abandoned village of Ismael, ruins of rare beauty that are thought to have once been inhabited by Saracens, to whom the place probably owes its name. It is worth a visit to experience an ancient and evocative atmosphere...

In all the roads that are sneaking on the island’s promotion, you will find the characteristics “Colombaie” or “Piccioniaries”: these were used to farm pigeons that provided the island and its trade, pigeon meat and fertiliser. There are over 600 of them, but there are many more. Appeared under the Venetian domain (1207-1715), in all cases, are a career-maker architecture of the place.

As we have already mentioned, there are many villages on the island of Tinos, so we have only given you a small travel guide. We suggest you to get a map of the whole island, so that you can draw your itinerary, or to download an ad hoc application that will allow you to insert on the interactive map your points of interest to visit as soon as possible!

And when you get tired of exploring, don't forget to come back and stay in one of our comfortable villas, overlooking the most beautiful sea of Mykonos. Aqualiving concierge will assist you on your tailor-made experience.

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