There is just something about these places. Maybe it’s the breathtaking bougainvillea-laced town or maybe it’s the immaculately stylish jet-set crowd. Maybe it’s the enormous mega-yachts everywhere you look. Maybe it’s that everything about Mykonos seems to epitomize indulgence in the best way. Or maybe it’s just that the ever-flowing chilled rosé is going to your head. Mykonos has long been synonymous with the international elite. Many celebrities like a pioneer Onassis have consistently flocked here for the summer, feeling immersed in culture and excitement, as well as plenty of great food and wines.

While walking on cobblestone streets inside the labyrinth of Mykonos Town, for sure you won’t miss the iconic windmills, white-washed buildings, jewellery shops, epic sunset in Little Venice, a truly magical experience. Don’t be surprised if you encounter a cute creature as it strolls leisurely in its own unhurried pace through the city's many alleyways. Exactly, the famous mascote of the town, pelican Petros everyone loves and wants to take pictures with.

Mykonos has one of the most prominent culinary scenes of Greece. Restaurants of different styles and cuisine from broadly Mediterranean, Greek and local recipes to Asian, Italian, Peruvian and French dishes, one thing is for sure: every palate can be satisfied. According to Aqualiving concierge experience there are 5 restaurants in Mykonos town as per the most elegant, chic, fashionable and delicious dinner venues, we want to share with you.

Coya is located in a magnificent garden where was previously one of the most popular places, restaurant Philippi made out of it a big institution, legendary-excellent times. Coya is bringing the spirit of Peru to the Greek Islands, inviting you into a world inspired by the flavours and colours of Incan heritage and Latin American culture. Join for an engaging and immersive dining experience that is as entertaining as it is delicious and healthy. Inspired by the original fusion food of Peru, the menu features naturally light, healthy and colourful dishes freshly prepared with the best ingredients from local suppliers. 

Interni restaurant remains the most enduring value of the “island of winds” when it comes to gastronomy's high requirements. One of the most beautiful gardens in the heart of the town is an ideal spot for dinner & drinks, set under Cycladic sky full of stars ready for a magical evening. The long presence of Interni restaurant, ensures variety in culinary creations, quality food and excellent service where the kitchen is basically Mediterranean, coupled with flavors from around the world and comes with a wide range of wines with selections from all five continents, while the menu is updated every year with fresh ideas and a vital element of high quality ingredients.

Mykonos still loves classic values like La Maison de Katrin. A restaurant that was born in a narrow alley of Mykonos in 1971 by the Giziotis family, which took its name from mom Katerina. Caring for visitors continues to be a family affair. The cuisine remains reassuringly urban Greek with international touches. La Maison de Katrin The meeting place of all those who love originality and haute cuisine, a place of reference on the Mykonian map of flavours. Katrin marries traditional Greek recipes with French gourmet cooking, warm hospitality with elegant surroundings, luxurious top- quality ingredients with the simplicity of the Cyclades.

At Nautilus restaurant they want you to feel like you’re eating at a local’s house, with stylish ambience, at one of the most lovely spots in the town of Mykonos.Their Mediterranean cuisine is a blend of traditional Greek flavors but with a modern twist that is sure to enhance your dining experience, e​​njoying a sensory experience. The attentive waiters will guide you toward the best wine to have with your meal where you can choose among a large variety of fish. 

Kalita is located in the centre of Chora of Mykonos, creating a unique world of flavors highlighting the infinite possibilities of Greek cuisine. Menu is re-defined with creative imagination, without forgetting beloved choices or rather Classic Greek flavors enriched with a modern touch under the supervision of their Chef, Vaios Ntoytsias. Balance is achieved with the presence of splendid perfumes and flavors as the Greek land spreads generously its charisma to Greek wine.

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