When talking about Santorini island, it’s quite normal to be spoiled for choice, because every little corner that belongs to this place is considered marvellous - a premium slice of heaven and a unique getaway. Here are some unforgettable things to do on the legendary island of Santorini; breath-taking views, world-renowned spectacular landscapes, beautiful black and red beaches and must-see traditional villages that will enthral you. 

The stunning island of Santorini sits in a water filled caldera of a volcano, surrounded by dazzling Aegean waters. The small island has long charmed visitors, for example Oia and Fira, built on high cliffs, are by far one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of the island, famous for its sunsets, delicious restaurants and remarkable architecture.Their views, bustling atmosphere and sugar cube houses make them a hugely popular choice. Between those two top places are located villages Firostefani and Imerovigli, worth visiting as well. 

In order to complete the perfect dose of a luxury experience, there shouldn’t be missing wine tasting. Santorini is considered a premiere wine destination in Europe. That's because the soil in which the wine grows in Santorini, which is partially composed of volcanic sediment, creates an interesting flavor difficult to find elsewhere. Not only that, but here, vines trees are often formed into circles and grown on the ground to protect the crop from strong ocean winds. Wineries can be found all over the island, but most are concentrated in central Santorini. 

Kamari beach 

Santorini's volcanic past has shaped its history and even inspired rumours that the island is the lost land of Atlantis, has led to the formation of some of the more unique beaches and Kamari is no exception. Sitting about 4 miles southeast of Fira on the island's east coast, this stretch of black sand is one of the largest in Santorini. 

Amoudi bay 

For beautiful views of the caldera, descend the 300 steps from the northern city of Oia to the charming port of Amoudi Bay. This little bay features several quaint tavernas serving up the catch of the day. Aside from digging in the bounty of the sea, you can enjoy some swimming here and cliff diving.

Red Beach 

Is the most fаmоus beaсh οf Sаntοrini and one оf the mοst сolоrful bеаches wοrldwide. It is a nаrrow strip оf reddish sand and pеbbles under high rеd cliffs аnd thus its name. The wеird colоr is due tο the iron-riсh rоcks fοrmеd as а result of the vоlcaniс еruptiοn. 

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience, indulge yourself to fly above Santorini’s rocky terrain encircling what was left by one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in history, where multicolored cliffs dramatically drop into the blue sea where a unique sea-drowned Caldera remains. Imagine it from the sky.

Don’t hesitate to contact your Mykonos Concierge to organize for you an exclusively unforgettable one-day escape over the majestic island of Santorini by a helicopter perfectly suitable for a romantic ride for two, a memorable team event or fun family excursion. If you feel more comfortable, it is feasible to reach it by a private jet too. Last but not least an option is also a private yacht that can take you via the island of Ios or Paros to Santorini, where you will be privileged for a swim stop in the volcanic area of Caldera. On a day with lots of wind we strongly recommend you to choose  either a helicopter or private-jet in order to ensure a pleasant adventure from the beginning to the end - in this case the boat trip would be too bumpy or even difficult to return back to Mykonos. Experienced Aqualiving Concierge will help you out to find the right way for the tailor-made day in Santorini.

Watching the mesmerising, romantic and colourful sunset over Cladera is considered amongst the most beautiful in the world. 

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