Aeolus was the divine keeper of the winds and king of the mythical, floating island of Aeolia. He kept the violent storm-winds locked safely away inside the cavernous interior of his isle, releasing them only at the command of the greatest gods to wreak devastation upon the world. The god of the wind Aeolus is still keeping an eye on the Cycladic archipelago and so in Mykonos during the hottest months of the summer by constantly holding away the bad energy and a bringing cool breeze in a unique atmosphere to satisfy even the most demanding travelers.

Mykonos island, The Island of the Wind, is where everything you dream for your holiday is at one place; best nightlife, award-winning restaurants, world-famous hotels and clubs, stunning beaches even for those passionate about the adrenalinic sport like kitesurfing. Korfos bay has constant wind, deep water and sandy beaches. Supported by a great team of experienced IKO certified instructors, safety procedures and top quality equipment, is striving to offer the best possible learning experience. Courses for beginners are available in different languages or you have the possibility to ride the wave independently. 

If your lifestyle desires a more sophisticated and tailor-made moment send to your request in order to provide you an exclusive yacht charter for a day trip in one of the world’s finest holiday destinations. For example, sailing crystal clear waters with mesmerizing colors & transparency with historical treasures and celebrities that have shaped history and Greek mythology, stopping by one of the chosen nearby islands or eventually island hopping in case you want to sail more days - consider it might truly be the experience of your lifetime. The culmination of your sailing, at the end of the day, is mingling with fellow friends on deck by observing the splendid colours of the Greek sunset accompanied by the aperitivo at your choice. 

A summer adventure with no limits sounds exciting, isn’t it? Offering an abundance of water sport options you can enjoy the idyllic coastline, leisurely practicing a variety of sports, or simply soak up sun beans and observe, sleep on your sunbed, take a dip in the turquoise waters and go for a stroll at sunset – bliss. 

Feel the adrenaline rush through your veins, as you enjoy the ultimate aquatic adventure in the well organized water-sports centers along the southern part of the island. Pick either Platis Gialos beach or Super Paradise beach water-sports where you make sure to catch a ride on canoes and make everyone else jealous as you are drifting by with your sweet style and chill vibes. There’s a possibility to book a giant inflatable spinner, ring ride mostly requested by couples or funny bananas for groups of friends. Windsurfing at one of the most appropriate beaches for this kind of sport, where all summer long from May until October the Meltemi blows steady and strong with up to 7Bft into, Kalafatis Bay. Go dive at the diving center Lia beach approximately half an hour of driving distance from the main town.

Elia beach is one of the longest fine-sandy beaches in Mykonos. Wind most of the summer is North coming from the shore, so the water near the bay is calm providing perfect conditions for watersports. Elia is a well organized beach and beside the comfortable sunbeds and service umbrellas, is offering water-sports activities: 

By Parasailing your chance to fly like a bird, to defy gravity, touch the clouds and reach out for the rainbows, Wakeboard or wake surf with nautiques and professional instructors, Flying-fish, The air stream, Crazy Ufo, Water-Ski, Tubes, with the power of the Jet ski roaring beneath, the ocean spray battering your face, nothing matches the feeling of freedom you’ll get riding the clear warm waters of Elia beach. The sonar is ideal for families with children and Flyboard, the ultimate experience is considered the hottest extreme sport to hit the holiday circuit. 

Have amazing fun & lots of laughs while staying in one of Aqualiving luxury villas!

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