Are you willing to pamper yourself this summer to the stars and back?

Do you like the feeling while sailing the crystal-clear Cycladic waters and sipping the majesty of natural abundance and wonders, while being mesmerized by the colors & transparency?

Is your dream to discover secluded beaches, meet the philosophy of your life and be treated like a queen and king? 

Well, if yes, I might consider you ready for the life adventure on a private boat, exploring the treasure islands surrounding the in cycle the ancient island of Delos where the gods Artemis & Apollo were born. Consequently, a source of the magic energy comes from and it spreads around the Cycladic atmosphere, immersing into an amazing culture and the waters that never ends to surprise even the most neglected part of your eye. 

There’s an intriguing proposal or rather a motto I’d like to share: “Nature’s gifts are to be savoured and treasured!” Pick a yacht most suitable for your purpose and get on board with the L'o Yachting crew, whether for a day trip or for a week, swimming, diving, Alfresco dining, etc. Do you want to surprise your fiance on a romantic trip and suggest to her the engagement for a life-time? Or maybe you’d like to make a present to your lovely family member and take them island hopping around the terrestrial paradise while spending your precious time in Greece? Hmmm, it could also be a great tip for a friends gathering occasion or any kind of anniversaries. 

There’s a shaped fleet with the intention of providing a variety of yachts of different sizes and styles where the main concept was born to fulfill a common passion, to excel in a most heartfelt way. The crew’s reputation, quality, reliability, professionalism and love of the sea, ensure a truly unique experience anytime whether you are setting off for a secluded beach on one of the ribs & offshore power boats or enjoying a personalized itinerary through the Cycladic islands on board one of L’o Yachting fine luxury yachts. 

If you choose to embark in Mykonos, I’d like to enrich you with some tips where to proceed, in facts there are countless possibilities like Rhenia & Delos, Tinos, Santorini, Paros & Antiparos, Koufonissia, Schoinoussa, Milos, Kimolos, Ios, etc. Ultimate sailing could also be along the southern beaches of Mykonos, especially when the strong wind doesn't permit it to reach nearby islands.

L'O yachting in partnership with Aqualiving Villas provides the best yacht service on the Island, for further information about our charter service and itineraries please send us an email to

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