After long months that have been difficult in every regard, the Greek government has decided to prioritise the mass vaccination of the residents of the seventy or so islands that make up the Peloponnese archipelago in time for the 2021 summer season.

The tourism industry in Greece accounts for around 20% of the country’s GDP, as well as 25% of all jobs. These numbers can’t be easily ignored, and so between April and May this year, the national vaccination campaign, titled "Eleftheria" (meaning Freedom), will try to vaccinate all residents living on the islands, regardless of age. In this way, the campaign will render the islands "Covid Free” - or at least this is the intention - as the tourism season already safely opened up on May 14th.

At the forefront of holiday bookings is Great Britain, which has a higher rate of vaccinated citizens than any other European country, but we are sure that bookings will soon come in from all countries that are allowed to travel. At the moment, in order to enter Greece (and therefore also to visit its islands) visitors must show a molecular swab with a negative result, a proof of vaccination document or certification that they have already overcome the disease. Thus, entry into the country is guaranteed and you can continue your journey to your final destination.

At the moment, there are about 29,000 active cases of Sars-Cov2 in all of Greece, and out of a total population of around 10 million inhabitants, around 28% have received the vaccination, which is extremely encouraging in view of the upcoming summer season. On the island of Mykonos, more 80% of the inhabitants have already been vaccinated, having received either one or two doses, and the vaccination programme is continuing at a steady pace.

It must be said that the exponential increase in the number of cases in Greece last year was certainly due to the influx of tourists, which, although decidedly lower than normal, still occurred. This year, the idea of vaccinating all residents of the Greek islands as quickly as possible, together with other well-known anti-Covid regulations (compulsory masks, hand sanitising and social distancing), will make it possible to contain the virus and guarantee Covid-free holidays for all tourists who choose the Hellenic peninsula as their exclusive destination for summer 2021.

After a year and a half of restrictions, during which all but essential travel has been forbidden, we all feel the need to safely enjoy some relaxation time away from everyday stress, immersed in the tranquillity of a beautiful place.

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