Indulge in an exciting mix of experiences while exploring Mykonos on a bike!

Enjoy the freedom of a bicycle adventure and live every moment with all your senses. What a combination! Sunlit routes in the rural countryside of the island. Have a look at the hidden beauties and the beautiful beaches. Get acquainted with the religious, gastronomic and rural tradition of Mykonos. Feel the lovely sunlight that gets reflected from the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Relaxing and fun family excursions as well as spectacular walks on steep slopes. Here are some of the best places to explore with a bike!


The city of Mykonos, called Chora by the locals, is a typical Cycladic village built amphitheatrically. It has whitewashed cubic houses with wooden coloured doors, windows and balconies, narrow streets forming a labyrinth, beautiful churches, lovely chapels and purple bougainvilleas contrasting with the bright white of the building’s walls. The famous whitewashed windmills, trademark of the island, are standing on a hill overlooking the city and from where one can enjoy a magnificent view over the Little Venice which is one of the most beautiful parts of the capital and is located on a peak of land, like a small peninsula. Another trademark of the island is Petros the pelican, usually located in Little Venice, he is quite the charmer and loves to pose for photographs. Be sure to look for him.


Although Mykonos is well known for its notorious lifestyle and its exclusive bars and clubs, there are also other, fantastic attractions that you can enjoy. For all the bike lovers that are in the search for hard paths, they should head for the Armenistis lighthouse. The charm that it possesses with the brilliant blue sky behind and the infinite view of the sea, are unforgettable elements. Recommended for bikers that are used to rough and difficult paths.

The Beach of Fokos

The hillside of Fokos beach will be calling you to its sunkissed (easy to hike) path, from where you can enjoy the magnificence of the Aegean Sea and the wild landscape of Mykonos. The beach of Fokos, is an easily reachable, beautiful landscape. During the tour you will encounter some hilly terrain, but the leisurely nature of this ride will give you all the time needed to conquer these medium difficulty slopes at your own pace. You can also reach the neighboring Myrsini beach, so as to meet the more advanced riders’ abilities and interests.

Wind Turbine

The breathtaking natural landscapes, as viewed from the mountainside, promise a delightful, but very challenging, cycling tour. Its technical characteristics: extensive climbing, steep slopes and a gravelly, rough earth trail (where you will partly need to walk) all the way down the mountain. Yet the route is very scenic and the beaches of Myrsini and Fokos will soothe you with their inviting blue waters.

Lia Beach

If you decide to explore the location around Lia beach with a bike, you will enjoy not only one but two beaches with the most inviting azure waters and a glimpse over the mythical stones of Hercules’ victory over the Giants. Lia, is a truly beautiful, organized, yet quiet, beach. The second beach is an off the beaten tourist track cove, that is rightfully gaining the name “private beach” as it is hidden among the rocky hills of the southern coastline.

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