Matoyianni Street is the main street of a complex of pebbled streets, called Matoyiannia, that make Mykonos worldwide famous. Here is the center of nightlife in Mykonos with numerous clubs and bars, elegant shops, restaurants of various types, boutiques and wonderful squares, that make Matoyianni Street a hot spot in Mykonos Town not only for dancing and drinking, but also for walking, shopping and meeting new people all day long. Matoyianni Street is the meeting point of the national and international celebrities, and paparazzi are everywhere to capture the moment. The narrow streets get so crowded in the summer that sometimes, there is traffic, and you have to wait several minutes before you can continue your stroll.

About Matoyianni Street

Matoyianni Street is known to be the center of activity in Mykonos, both day and night, where the action is, so to speak. The Matoyiannia streets are a marketplace of every imaginable product and traditional Greek food. There are stores selling expensive jewelry brands as well as handmade jewelry, clothing and shoes designed by top designers, both local and worldwide, and plenty of souvenir shops. Locally made arts, crafts and decorative items are laid out along the narrow streets. Stores and boutiques selling unique items, antiques, and items made from local materials are around every corner.

Where to Shop on Matoyianni Street

Soho-Soho is by far the most well-known clothing store on the island; pictures of its famous clientele (Tom Hanks, Sarah Jessica Parker and so forth) carrying the stores bags have been in publications around the world. Other popular clothing stores include First, Prince Oliver, LAK, Carla G, and Carouzos. Buying a piece of jewelry while visiting Greece is a must. Jewelry stores in Greece are as common as bakeries and cafes. You'll practically trip over one on every block in Mykonos, where you can buy handmade silver and gold jewelry.

While Greece is known as a good place for jewelry shopping, with generally good prices and excellent quality, both quality and value can vary from shop to shop. Most jewelry shops expect some bargaining, so don't be shy, and don't be afraid to back off and come back the next day. LALAoUNIS Remains the finest jewelry shop on the island, associated with the famous LALAoUNIS museum and shops in Athens. It has superb reproductions of ancient and Byzantine jewelry as well as original designs. Delos Dolphins and Minas also offer an impressive jewelry collection.

Mykonos is known for its durable, handmade sandals, which are popular with both locals and tourists. Kostas Rabias offers a good selection of traditional and modern styles. The local food can be sampled in a variety of stores and markets in and around Matoyianni Street. Visit Skaropoulos for a taste of the island’s famous almond sweets and cookies. Pantopoleion, a store that’s at least 300 years old, sells organic Greek food, cosmetics and local crafts. One of the best traditional Greek Souvlaki can be tasted at Jimmy’s, just right in the heart of hora, where you will find people eating not only during lunch and dinner, but also after a long night partying and drinking.

Nightlife around Matoyianni Street

Matoyianni Street (Mykonos) is also the ultimate spot for nightlife. The most famous bars are located in the Matoyiannia area. You can spend unique moments with your friends, hopping from one bar to the other all night. Greek, house, techno, electro and pop music create the best scenery for partying and having fun literally until the dawn or even later in the morning. One of the most famous Mykonian clubs of the area is called Rock n’ Roll. This simple whitewashed building comes alive as the sun goes down, attracting a young, international crowd ready to party the night away into the early hours.

Bonbonniere Club, also located nearby, has a great impact on Mykonos night and social life. Sister club to the Bonbonniere Club in London, Bonbonniere Mykonos is a venue frequently visited by celebrities and known for throwing some of the biggest parties Mykonos has to offer. The venue offers shisha and award-winning cocktails from the early hours of the evening, then turns into a club where bottle service, DJs, shows and acts grace the rich and famous with a night to remember.

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