The island of Mykonos is a wonderful place for your holidays where you can stay and enjoy whole days by the sea and visit interesting places. The island of Mykonos has to be experienced to realise that it is wrong to label it as suitable for only a certain type of holiday. Today we present a charming place that is located right in the city center of Chora, Little Venice, which has become known with the windmills, one of the symbols of the island of Mykonos.

In this part of the city center in Mykonos the houses are built directly on the water. The houses are all different colors that give, together with the light of the sunset, and the blue of the sea, a particular golden light to the area. Once upon a time, many sailors on the island had built their homes right on the picturesque shoreline of Chora. Many of these houses have now been transformed into bars and trendy clubs where you can spend the evening. It is called Little Venice because it seems a small district of Venice, as if a part of the Italian city had moved directly to Mykonos. Little Venice is located a stone’s throw away from the city center and is the most fascinating and picturesque place of Mykonos. Here you can find restaurants where the tables are right on the water and this is really a characteristic not to be underestimated. Little Venice restaurants offer typically Greek cuisine and excellent fresh seafood dishes. The best time to enjoy Little Venice is at sunset, when the sun kisses the sea and offers beautiful colours on the little coloured houses of Little Venice that overlook the sea. Night falls and the area comes alive with tourists who crowd the various places to dine or drink something with the sea and the white houses of the island in the background. If you are in this quaint neighborhood on the sea and looking for a charming venue for an aperitif or for dinner at sunset, we will give you some suggestions:

Caprice Bar

Caprice Bar Mykonos is on the Seafront of Little Venice with a Stunning View of the Aegean Sunset. Cosmopolitan and unique, Caprice is built in the traditional Cycladic way, using gentle simple lines and subtle curves creating a perfect blend of innovative Greek style combined with classic elegance.

The famous signature Caprice cocktails is decorated with genuine fruit sticks whereas the shots, made of local and exotic fresh fruit, are served in the most imaginative trays loaded with fresh ice. Do not miss trying your signature “Caprice” cocktail based on vodka and dark rum with its characteristic ‘’Caprice Turquoise’’ colour, your international success story ‘’karpouzi’’ (water melon) shots and your ‘’drinking the stars‘’, sparkling goddesses of the night, some of the most prominent champagnes of the world! Further to these tasting your classic Dry Martini cocktail, fanciful Margarita, exotic Pina Colada, cool Mojito, the sleek Daiquiri, the indulging non alcoholic long drinks like Ginger Volume or your Cosmo-Cosmopolitan will simply blow your mind. Let yourself feel the vibes! Cherished by international celebrities Caprice Bar Mykonos has become the favourite haunt of showbiz stars, artists and jet setters of all times. Come and try!

Reservations: +30 2289 023541

Semeli Bar

This is one of the most well-known-and loved- establishments in Mykonos. This season, following its recent refurbishment by acclaimed Greek architect Pavlos Ninios, it reinstates itself more dynamically than ever. As always, it operates all day long, offering a selection of mouthwatering delicacies and desserts, the finest champagne and spirits as well as its signature cocktails. In fact for next summer the cocktail list is more creative and impressive than ever. Taste a variety of delicious breakfast dishes, scrumptious sweets, coffees and other breakfast beverages.

Reservations: +30 2289 026505

Bao’s Bar

Bao’s is also located in Little Venice with its amazing views and is here the place to be for your sunset cocktail hour in Mykonos from 6pm onwards. A legend linked to this bar tells that ..The little island right across Mykonos was once the lair of the well-known Pirate, George Bao. A legendary defender of Mykonos island during the first revolution on 1770, George Bao , fought bravely against the Turks and protected his compatriots .

From his den Pirate Bao looted and overrun enemy ships anchored on the narrow passage between the two islands . As a reward for his noble services, the little island was given to Heroic Bao and ever since bears his name. Indeed a chapel of Saint George’s was built on the island honoring the man who guarded Little Venice’s shore. Deriving inspiration from the mythic figure of Pirate Bao, the homonym Cocktail Bar comes into existence, with the aim of writing glorious history. In the spirit of its namesake hero. Bao’s, rebellious and unconventional in nature, with daring cocktails and epic music from around the world becomes today’shideout for a true Mykonian adventure.

Reservations: +30 2289 029217


Galleraki was one of the first cocktail bars in Mykonos that initiated the sacred hour of sunset. Housed in a historic two-story 19th-century building where archaeologists from the French Archaeological School stayed during the excavations at Delos, dominates the center of Little Venice, facing the Mills. Since 1989 it continues to offer a breathtaking view during the much-photographed sunset, cocktails and very delicious daiquiris made with fresh fruit, all with musical accompaniments. Upstairs, the Galleraki Upstairs with its fantastic terrace is suitable for more romantic and private situations. With the possibility of hosting 200 people, the hall is also suitable for private events, parties and special events by appointment. Galleraki is open from the morning, with a wide selection for breakfast, drinks, juices, coffee and snacks.

Reservations: +30 2289 027188

Scarpa Bar

Located next to Bao where the sun dips into the sea, this small and trendy place invites you to enjoy excellent drinks and the finest selection of house vibes. This bar stands for good music, attractting many of the regulars of Mykonos and captures the essence of the island nightlife: sea breeze, good people, good music and ultimate location!

Reservations: +30 2289 02329

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