If you stay plan to stay for more days in Mykonos, there are many opportunities for day trips to the surrounding islands. With such excursions, you will get to know better the culture and history of the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea. During the summer there are frequent itineraries with conventional ships and fast hydrofoils with which you can travel fast around the Cyclades. Let's see below some of the most popular islands that are ideal to visit from Mykonos, even just for one day.


Rhenia is one of the Greek islands closest to Mykonos and a lot of tourists choose it for a lovely day trip from Mykonos. This is a completely uninhabited island and compared to the busy streets and beaches of Mykonos, it’s a welcome retreat of peace and solitude. The best way to experience this little piece of Greek paradise is to join a boat tour or to rent a yacht. Bask in the sun on the short journey across the blissful waters before enjoying the sight of this deserted island in all its glory. Boat captains will guide you around the coast of Rhenia, stopping by secluded beaches and in little-known bays for you to snorkel and to explore the interior.


Closer to Mykonos and separated from nearby Rhenia by a small strait, Delos is one of the most legendary islands in Greek history. This beautiful island is not only the site of rugged, Greek scenery and sandy beaches, but it’s home to one of the most important archaeological finds in the Aegean. Delos is steeped in myth. In ancient times, this was thought to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, two powerful Greek gods. The island has been a sacred place for millennia, and today, as well as being an important site for tourists, is also an incredibly important historical site for researchers and archaeologists who continue to excavate the many temples and religious ruins that have been unearthed here. Take a boat from Mykonos and enjoy both the beauty and the history of Delos on an unforgettable day trip to the island.


The miracle of Tinos is not only the icon of the Virgin Mary, which has made the island famous. It is also its wild beauty that will fascinate you: Rocks carved by the wind, beaches with deep blue waters, Cycladic villages perched on the slopes. In this Cycladic island you will discover a thousand more miracles: beaches secluded or organized, for scuba diving or windsurfing, local amazing flavors served in the villages, kneeling pilgrims in the city and incredible landscapes! In Tinos there are 750 chapels and churches, 600 dovecotes and 34 settlements, both Catholic and Orthodox, as well as the sanctuary of Poseidon, where the pilgrims get cleansed before crossing to the sacred island of Delos. If you visit Tinos, you will remain faithful once and for all to the island.


It has a population of about 20,000 inhabitants, Orthodox and Catholic and its capital is Ermoupolis, "The Duchess of the Aegean", built amphitheatrically in the hills surrounding the port. Ermoupolis was created in the flames of the Greek Revolution of 1821 by refugees who came from the rebellious Greece, when the great massacres from the Turks took place. Its impressive architecture immediately charms the visitors, as it is probably the only classical city left in Greece. An architecture that testifies the history of Syros which starts from the ancient times and ends in today. A masterful combination of the old and the new, the classic with the modern.

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