Greece is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world and evidence confirms that Greece is home to the second oldest known grape vine remnants plus the world’s earliest crushed grapes. Wine-making became popular during the period of 1600 BC and onwards, when Greeks began to worship “Dionysus”, god of wine. Several festivals were held throughout the year in honor of his name, which included theatrical performances of both comedies and tragedies. In ancient times, the reputation of a wine depended on the region it came from rather than an individual producer or vineyard. The most common wine in ancient Greece was sweet and aromatic with only a few drier wines being produced at that time. It was almost always diluted; usually with water (or snow when the wine was to be served cold) as the Greek men saw that drinking too much of it would lead to undesirable conduct. They asserted that the dilution of wine with water was indeed a mark of civilized behavior.

Viticulture has been flourishing in Mykonos since ancient times. An Irrefutable sign of the Mykonian wine production is the fact that every old farmhouse had a wine press (Lino). There is, in fact, a whole area called Lino. In the passage of time various circumstances have largely suspended viticulture, such as war, migration and finally, the growth of tourism. In the cosmopolitan Mykonos are located the most expensive stretches of vineyards. Mainly in Marathi and the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, in Ano Mera village, the Aegean varieties, Assyrtiko, Athiri, Monemvasia, Mandilaria are planted, from which the white, rosé and red P.G.I. Aegean wines are produced. Furthermore, the foreign varieties Cabernet, Sauvignon and Syrah are also produced on the island. The vineyards form lines and have a low elevation due to the Aegean’s strong winds. But where can someone find the Mykonian wine?

Mykonos Vioma

The Mykonos ecological vineyard is located in Maou, an agricultural region near Ano Mera, the most populated village on the island. It hosts Cycladic varieties of wine along with international varieties too. A testimony of genuine Mykonos, this vineyard is well-known for its organic farming based on the value of tradition, the wisdom of nature and the good music that helps in the growth of healthy grapes on the island. The arrangement of the vines in the field is linear with a distance of two meters in between the vine roots and among the cultivating rows. The vines are cup-shaped and face towards South. The yield is small, just 350 kg/hectare. This is due to the fact that the vines are not watered and their needs are covered by the moisture of the atmosphere, mostly carried by the sea breeze. The cultivation is organic and bio-dynamic. Mykonos vioma offers wine tasting tours accompanied with the authentic Greek hospitality. Both the Paraportiano (white and red) and the Iliophilos (natural sweet wine) wines carry the pure flavors and aromas of Mykonos! So, to dive deep into the true soul of the island, you should visit the vineyard and sit in front of a table filled with local goodies... With salads from its garden, eggs from its own chickens and bread made in the wooden oven, accompanied always by fine traditional products. Join an authentic celebration that will awaken old memories and stimulate all your senses as in the good old days... It's worth the experience! On their own or in larger groups, visitors are welcome at the farm every day on appropriate times, after prior communication. The vineyard organizes also book presentations, discussions on environmental issues, art exhibitions and poetry nights, which establish it as a site of culture, gathering people with similar interests and aesthetics.

Wine Room Mykonos

Wine Room Mykonos, with its large and premium selection of wines, champagnes, spirits, beers, delicatessen and refreshments, is your best wine shop choice on the island. Renovated and modern with a new wooden cooler installation giving a controlled and stable temperature to preserve our premium-luxury products, it offers always a big selection of rose, champagnes and white wines already cold to be enjoyed directly! All wine lovers can immerse themselves in the world of wines and high-quality services in Mykonian style, thanks to the services offered by the Wine Room of Mykonos. Its services include the delivery of champagnes, wines and spirits among a wide selection to Mykonian villas every day! Furthermore, for those who travel on a yacht in order to discover the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and its magnificent shores, a delivery of the best refreshments can be requested to the port and the marinas of Mykonos. You can find the Wine Room in Chora, Ag. Ioannou Street, next to the bus station.

Wine Bar Vinos

Ιn the small alley of Kalogera you will spot a place different from all the others. A winebar that brings out all the memories of how an island should be. Vinos Winebar-Restaurant in Mykonos is a place that honors and brings out the best of what Greek nature has to offer. Starting from the Cycladic vineyards, it offers you some of the most remarkable Greek wines, that you can enjoy while sitting on the pillows on the benches, where you can have fun watching all the people passing through.

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