One of the most beautiful things to see if you decide to visit Mykonos is its beautiful sunset. The western side of the island gives visitors unique moments with its sunset views and it is very easy to reach the particular side of the island. More specifically, the city of Mykonos and the areas of Agios Ioannis, Agios Stefanos and Ornos are the most suitable for anyone to watch the magical sunset, but of course there are other areas that we will see somewhat more closely below. What do you say; Let's get started?

First of all, there is no better place to enjoy a walk with your friends or family than the little Venice neighborhood. This place is considered one of the most romantic spots on the island and thousands of tourists from around the world gather there every afternoon to see the sunset and the magnificent houses with their colorful windows. It is one of the most classic parts of the island as it is almost always full of people in the summer months. Little Venice has many shops and restaurants that allow visitors to the island to dine and enjoy their drink or cocktail watching this enchanting sight. You can find a lot of photos that depict this amazing and colorful view, however, the true enchanting atmosphere created during the sunset cannot be captured in a photo.

Another option that someone has to enjoy the magnificent sunset of Mykonos a little more isolated and with more privacy is to stay at the place where he has rented for his summer vacation. Of course, the particular area needs to have a balcony that allows the visitor to see the sunset. Even if you cannot enjoy the magical sunset from your room, the hotel's pool area is sure to be the perfect place as it creates a very romantic and relaxed feeling.

Moreover, if one can and wants to rent a villa to spend his holidays on the island of the winds then he is sure to find the ideal choice so that he can see the enchanting sunset, as there are many villas rented in various parts of the island. So, if you decide to rent such a villa during your vacation and at the same time you are a romantic guy, then make sure to find a villa on the west side of the island. As mentioned above, this side gives visitors an opportunity to have a better view of the sunset.

Horseback riding is another option for capturing an incredible atmosphere. Horseland offers an unforgettable experience for those wishing to share a sunset ride on the beautiful and secluded Fokos beach. Stop over at the beach, where you can enjoy a light meal inclusive of red roses, fine wine and cheese, summer fruits, under the beautiful moon and a beach fire. Finally, a lot of bars and restaurants can be found on the island of the winds, either in the center or in some of the most famous and cosmopolitan beaches of the island, which have the opportunity to see the sunset while enjoying a typical Greek drink or food. 180° Sunset Bar and Oniro Sunset Bar – restaurant, just to mention a few.

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