The Cyclades islands take their name from being an archipelago consisting of 56 small and large islands that ideally form a magical circle around the sacred island of Delos. for many centuries the island was the Panhellenic religious center and it is said that it gave birth to Apollo and Artemis,it is a small island surrounded by beautiful sea, entirely affected by the archaeological site. The Cyclades are rich in ideas from the historical-architectural point of view and allow us to get in touch with the true expression of Cycladic architecture. Architecture, but also archeology, because the Cyclades are the cradle of the Cycladic civilization, (3,000-1,000 BC) one of the most important Mediterranean civilizations.

The collective fantasy gives the Cyclades the tradition of the founding of mythical Atlantis, which disappeared after mysterious geological events. This tradition is supported by studies of geologists that attribute the current formation of the Cycladic archipelago to the series of events of such as , earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, displacements of the earth’s crust that sank many parts of the mainland. These islands are enchanting due to the perfumes and colours, ancient songs and flavours and for the sea as well as the houses, simple white shapes that stand out against the intense blue of the sky. Homes with one or two floors with roofs or with roof tiles built for a warm climate in the summer but dry thanks to the benefits of the winds. The urban layouts of the villages are very particular, and the steep and narrow paved streets are just some of the characteristic features of the Cycladic settlements. Mykonos is the island favuored by tourists and offers enchanting beaches with golden sand as well as the classic sunsets and windmills. Here are the most cared for and characteristic views of the Cyclades.

The urban architecture of the Cyclades islands consists mainly of fishermen’s houses, simple and practical buildings. The materials used are poor, the external and internal coating is in white lime, the rooves are flat and often equipped with tanks for collecting rainwater. In general, these houses are all leaning against each other because once the inhabitants of the island had to protect themselves from attacks by Saracen pirates. Each island, however, has stylistic differences linked to its historical domination, for example the Venetians during the Serenissima Republic, from the bastions of the island of Crete to the mullioned windows of simple churches, for example in Naxos.

What distinguishes Mykonos from the other islands? In addition to the typical white houses of Cycladic architecture, it is distinguished by the district called “Little Venice”. The houses have been built right next to the shore, reminiscent of the typical Venetian houses overlooking the Grand Canal. In addition to this, on the façade they also have “bovindi”, which are nothing more than closed balconies that extend outwards. Another “Venetian” characteristic is the conformation of the Chora that overlooks the old, very intricate port that is very reminiscent of the Venetian streets.

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