The Armenistis Lighthouse

Built in 1891, the Armenistis Lighthouse is located on the north-western tip of Mykonos, overlooking the strait between the island of Tinos and Mykonos. Thanks to its elevated position from this area wide views over the Aegean See are particularly beautiful and secludedness makes this location perfect for sunset views.

The lighthouse design is an octagonal cylindrical stone tower with lantern and gallery at an overall height of 19 meters (62 ft). Its focal plane is 184 meters (604ft) with a white beacon flash every 10 seconds. The original Fresnel lens when replaced was put into a replica lantern house which is now on display in the garden of the Aegean Maritime Museum in Mykonos Town. At a distance of approximately 6 km from town, the lighthouse can be reached by taking the north coastal road passing through both Stephanos and the Houlakia Bay area.

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