According to Greek mythology, the island of Mykonos was created following the struggle between Zeus and the Giants. When they were defeated, the pieces of the giants’ bodies fell into the sea and turned into rock, one of which would create the island of Mykonos. The island then inherited the name from a famous hero, son of the god Apollo. The summary of this legend is enough to understand how Mykonos is a special island. Conquered by the Venetians, escaping from the famous pirate Barbarossa and home to countless legends and adventures, the island of Mykonos is today the most famous and popular of the Cyclades, an archipelago of fifty-four Greek islands located in the Aegean Sea. Although it is the smallest of the Cyclades, its beauty, its nightlife and its proximity to Delos (where the famous sanctuary is located) have transformed it into a large tourist destination over the years.

Despite its small size, in Mykonos you can find all kinds of attractions that will make your holiday special. The island boasts a long series of famous beaches, characterized by golden sand and crystal clear water, mainly located along the south coast, where fun lasts 24 hours a day. If you want to enjoy a little peace and healthy relaxation the north is recommended instead, with pristine corners ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea and nature. The villages that are on the island are characterized by white houses, which contrast with the colour of the sea and with the flowers that adorn the shady windows in the tortuous alleys of the villages.

The beauty of these places will offer the opportunity to relax and rest to anyone going to Mykonos. But Mykonos is also famous as a destination for entertainment, day and night: it has been compared several times to Ibiza. Like the Balearic island, Mykonos is also a popular place for the gay community, both in terms of beaches, pubs, clubs and nightclubs. The short distance from one coast to the other of the island will allow you to visit different points in the day, so you get to know the hidden corners of this island. You can rent a car or a scooter and travel along the internal streets of Mykonos.

And of course, do not miss the excursions to discover the other Cycladic islands, with their archaeological sites and landscapes that have made this beautiful archipelago famous. Without going too far, near Mykonos is Delos, the mythological island that saw Apollo and Artemis born. Also the island of Tinos is nearby, as is Rhenia, with its wild coasts. The offer of mini-cruises and day trips is very varied, and you will find options that will satisfy all tastes.


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