The island of Mykonos is one of the most fashionable destinations for the summer, and like all the islands of Greece, offers countless places and interesting attractions for those who are willing to take full advantage of every holiday day. The idea that Mykonos is only a place for entertainment tourism , it is not true, the island is more than this. Like Ibiza, Mykonos also has quiet places, beautiful beaches for all travelers.

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Mykonos Town

The center of Mykonos or better known as Chora is characterized by innumerable narrow streets that intersect between the bright white houses, which often reflects the sun of the island's spectacular sunsets. Chora is truly wonderful, here you can admire numerous churches, museums such as the Archaeological Museum, the Naval Museum, and the Museum of Popular Art. Another feature are the mills, which you can see on the hill overlooking the city. In fact, one of the most beautiful views of the city can be seen from the mills. Between these and the city of Chora, there is another characteristic place, known as Little Venice. As you may have guessed from the name, it is a real little Venice, so called by the inhabitants of Mykonos, because the colorful houses that overlook the sea, have balconies that are right on the water. This wonderful glimpse, is also enjoyable from the small restaurants that are right on the sea, where you can spend the evening before the euphoric nights of Mykonos. Do not forget that in the streets of the center you can also meet the famous Petros, the pelican mascot of the island.

Mykonos beaches

Mykonos has countless beaches where you can enjoy crystal clear sea and well-deserved relaxation. There are various types of beaches where you can go depending on what you are looking for. For the younger ones, the beach at Paradise Beach is located on the west coast of the island. Mainly characterized by a really beautiful sea, long beach full of bars and lots of music until late at night. It’s a continuous party, dancing late into the night to the rhythm of music. Similar, but yet different, is Super Paradise Beach, always highly recommended for the youngest. Here you will always find a beautiful white sandy beach, wonderful sea, and well organized and music among the most famous of the island. Here too the clubs and bars overlook the beach, to enliven the nights of tourists from all over Europe. Nudism is also widely practiced, in fact on many beaches of the island, you will find many nudists in certain areas which is all part of the freedom that is enjoyed in a unique place, like Mykonos. The beaches of Mykonos are not just Paradise and Super Paradise, but there are many others to consider. Being scattered a bit all over the whole island, my advice is to rent a scooter or a car to get around the various locations. Among the best beaches of Mykonos there are: Agios Ioannis of soft sand and with an exceptional sea, Ornos only 4 Km south-west of Chora, Psarou in the vicinity of Ornos about 5 Km south of Mykonos town, the beautiful beach of It is one of the most famous and appreciated on the island, Agrari made of sand and small pebbles. At about 10 km from Mykonos town is the beach of Elia among the most beautiful and appreciated as well as among the longest beaches of the island. Unlike the beaches located to the south of the center of Mykonos, those of the North are less equipped, but just as beautiful because they contain a special charm, wild, and full of emotions to experience, between deep blue sea water, rocks, and sand. Among those there are also Houlakia about 5 km North of Chora, Panormos small and sandy, Ftelia of fine sand and Mersini. On the island there are many other coves and beaches to discover, and as mentioned previously, more easily reached by car or boat.

Mykonos shopping

Mykonos, like Ibiza, is trendy, and this leads to having numerous shops on the island to satisfy your every desire for shopping. In addition to the big names in world fashion, there are lots of jewelers and small local fashion shops, which like every year are always trendy. Walking through the small streets of the center, in the evening, is very pleasant, because you can appreciate not only many high fashion shops, shops with souvenirs, small boutiques, and jewelers to lose your head. The maze of white lanes in the center of Chora is really interesting, to discover, meandering the small streets of a city that you will never forget. Do not miss Matoyanni street!!

Mykonos Nightlife

Mykonos is famous for its nightlife, or rather the endless nights. Endless because in Mykonos you can dance from morning to night, without a precise timetable. Clubs located on the Paradise and Super Paradise beaches are the top, with music and international DJs. Famous evenings of Cavo Paradiso, one of the most popular clubs by young people from all over Europe, or enjoy the beach of Super Paradise to the rhythm of dance music. The starting point is Chora, where the early hours of the evening are spent with aperitifs, and then spend the night in the various clubs of the island. Among the most popular there are also Void Club, Galleraki, and Skandinavian Bar which is located in the center of Mykonos town. There are many theme parties on the island in the various bars located on the beaches.


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