The northern coast of Mykonos is not very developed for tourism. The beaches in this area are frequented almost exclusively by surfers because the Meltemi wind which can be very strong and jeopardizing the stay on the beach. In addition to the surf lovers, these beaches are places loved by those seeking tranquility and intimate beaches: hidden qualities of Mykonos considered too superficially as a chaotic island.



Approximately 6 km of paved road, in excellent condition, lead easily to the Panormos beach, thanks to the excellent conditions of the road surface and precise road signs. Furthermore, it is served by the facilities of Chora. The first stretch of beach, at the point where the road ends is partly sandy and partly rocky, which continues to the sea creating  beautiful views of crystalline and transparent waters . The next stretch is occupied by bars / restaurants with gazebos and large cushions where you can relax, have a drink or something to eat and listen to some music. The rest of the beach, unequipped and more windy, is as quiet and wild as you could wish for. Panormos could be the most beautiful beach on the island, but it is penalized by the constant presence of the meltemi that, together with the fineness of the sand, can be intolerable on some too windy days. Trying  it does not cost anything, maybe if the day is adverse you can move on. But its beauty deserves at least a fleeting visit.


On the same side of the bay, just over 1 km after the junction of Panormos, we reach Agios Sostis, one of the most authentic beaches of Mykonos. The beach has golden sand with some rocky areas. The sea is often quite calm: in fact, even if it is in the northern coast, it is more protected from the surrounding hills than  nearby Panormos. It is not equipped, but next to the delightful Cilcadic style church with a courtyard dedicated to Agios Sostis, patron saint of sailors, there is a tavern. From here, a small path begins that leads to another tiny hidden beach. If you arrive early in the morning you will enjoy a real paradise on earth until people arrive, immediately filling this small cove. The water is transparent . From the top you can distinctly see the seabed, rocks and vegetation that covers them. A magnificent picture dominated by blue and turquoise.


Ftelia is a large, unequipped beach. There are almost exclusively surfers and kiters who enjoy themselves at sea, rippled by the meltemi that blows on some really strong days, but when the wind is absent it seems like a natural pool. There are few houses and hotels nearby and no beach facilities. To reach Ftelia from  Chora, which is just under 6 km away, take the road to Ano Mera and turn off as soon as you see the sign for the beach.


Fokos is a deserted, silent and unorganized beach located about 10 km from Chora and 5 km from Ano Mera. It is not marked, but the road is easy to reach from Ano Mera. The road is paved up to a certain point when it gives way to a dirt track , but in good condition. It evokes feelings of peace, impossible to feel on the famous beaches of the south coast and near the Chora. Fortunately, there is a tavern that serves some Greek dishes and fresh fish. The beach is sandy and pebbled. Its sea, with its stony seabed, is a great spot for snorkeling. The beauty of the area and its potential are well evident by observing the large number of small houses that are being built each year. Fortunately, it is still a very quiet beach frequented by a small number of people


Mersini is a sandy beach located less than 1 km after after Fokos. Apart from a few houses under construction there is absolutely nothing: bring everything you need to stay on the beach because the nearest refreshment point is several kms away. On the promontory you can see a small chapel and some houses. Below, however, there are some remnants left behind by fishermen which have been dug into the rock.


Merchia, a little further to the north-east of the previous two beaches, it is made up of pebbles and coarse sand. It is not equipped and there are no refreshment points nearby. A row of trees near the beach offers shade throughout the day. The sea, very clear and blue, has a large part of the seabed covered with stones and, therefore, it is better to enter with  rubber shoes. Apart from the owners of the few houses in the area, there is never a living soul on the beach. At some intersections of Ano Meria, 6 km away, there are even the traditional blue road signs indicating Merchia. La Chora, however, is over 12 km away.


These two beaches should not be in this chapter because they are actually located in the short stretch of coast that would be classified as the western coast of Mykonos.  Vathia Lagada and Tigani are deserted beaches with no one on them. In addition to not being known by anyone (perhaps they are also not known by many residents) the road to reach them isin very bad condition and it is necessary to have a jeep, a quad and a good dose of courage and adventure. We recommend a stop only if you have a boat so as to easily access the beaches from the sea.

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