Today we will continue our journey to discover the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos. From the most peaceful and wild to the most lively and equipped, on the island you will find the one that suits you best.


In the northwest part of Mykonos is the beach of Houlakia. It owes its name to the big dark and smooth stones. It is divided into two parts: the left side has a bay with a small sandy area where there are umbrellas and sunbeds, close to a small restaurant and a hotel; on the right side it is almost always empty because the presence of singular huge black stones does not allow you to spread out comfortably with your towel. Despite being a few kilometers from Chora, Houlakia is never crowded, even in high season. In the distance, you can see the island of Tinos. To reach Houlakia you must have your own vehicle. Access is via an unpaved path, near the main road, which leads to a small parking lot. The nearest stop is in Agios Stefanos, about a kilometer away. Passing the beach of Houlakia and going north a couple of kilometers you will reach the Armenistis lighthouse, located right at the northwestern end of Mykonos. The lighthouse has a complete view of the strait that separates Tinos from Mykonos. It was built in 1891, following the accident of the Volta ship owned by the British company Eastern Telegraph, sunk in 1883. The lighthouse is located on a 19-meter-high cylindrical tower. The original lens was discontinued in 1983 and exhibited at the Aegean naval museum located in the Chora. The lighthouse, still in operation today, is managed by the Hydrographic Office of the Hellenic Navy.


Psarrou (or Psarou) is a very clear sandy beach not far from Platys Gialos. The sea is fantastic. Its colours are delicately graded from emerald green to deep blue, with spots of electric blue that let the vast meadows of posidonia uncover. It is always calm because Psarrou is located in a small bay well protected from the winds for orientation to the south and for the high hills that surround it. Psarrou is one of the luxurious beaches of Greece. Its sea is a usual landing place for private yachts of VIPs and Greek and international jet set characters. Beach bars and restaurants serve drinks and food at high prices, but the quality of service is very high. Moreover, for those interested it is always possible to settle in the free area. Psarrou is not suitable for beaches lovers with an intimate and peaceful atmosphere. In high season it is always very crowded. You can reach Psarrou by public transport but the nearest stop is Platys Gialos beach. It is therefore necessary to walk for about one kilometer. Therefore, it is advisable to rent a vehicle and leave it in the nearby parking area. Another interesting and convenient solution is to arrive by boat that are shuttled from other shores.


Platis Gialos is located in a charming bay in the southern part of the island. It is well organized, perhaps a little 'too much: the umbrellas are so many that they cover almost completely the entire beach. There is a wide selection of accommodation facilities, several food stores and shops for renting water sports equipment, taverns, restaurants, souvenir shops. It is suitable for families looking for comfort and safety (well-equipped beach with shallow waters and a lifeguard), but also for children looking for recreation (beach bar, sports and water games). You can arrive by bus, with your own vehicle (parking is small and, therefore, it is better not to arrive too late if you have a car) or with boats that connect it with other beaches on the south coast. On the hill to the left of the highway leading to the beach, in the locality of Portes, are the ruins of an ancient castle.


Paraga is located 5 km from Chora, immediately after Platys Gialos. Once it was one of the favorite places for the hippies who came to Mykonos to breathe the air of freedom and tolerance. The sand is quite coarse, of a dark golden colour . The sea has shades of emerald green to deep blue, with soft seabeds that degrade slowly. It is almost always calm because the wind hardly blows very hard. In recent years it has been undermining the hegemony of the neighboring Paradise and Super Paradise as a place of beach fun. In fact, many young people prefer it because there is good music, a beautiful atmosphere that does not reach the exaggerated climate of its neighbors. Paraga is a very well equipped beach: it is possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas or find space in the public area to put your own towel; there are some beach bars with beach service and restaurant area; there is the lifeguard that intervenes in case of danger. It is one of the few beaches in Mykonos with some trees that give a little shade. A part of the beach has a bamboo fence that protects from the wind when it blows hard. You can reach Paraga with your own transport (recommended) or with the coach service. Another possibility is by boat that depart from Ornos or Platys Gialos.


Paradise Beach is the most famous beach of Mykonos. It is a nickname that fits perfectly: this place is a paradise for lovers of disco music, entertainment and transgression. The music bursts into the air with beautiful sexy girls in microscopic swimwear dancing throughout the night. In the '80s Paradise Beach was a meeting point for gay vacationers, now replaced by young people, looking for fun. Paradise Beach binds its success with the Tropicana, one of the most famous beach bars in the world: from the early afternoon the tranquility and then the beach turns into an open-air party. Not far from Paradise Beach is Cavo Paradiso, the most famous nightclub in Mykonos. Paradise Beach is the most equipped and organized beach of Mykonos. The Tropicana offers a swimming pool, sun beds, umbrellas, a self-service restaurant, a bar, a mini-market, a souvenir shop, a beach clothing store, toilets and cabins. Beyond the Tropicana there is also the Guapaloca, another similar beach bar. At the beach you can play sports and games, including the bungee catapult, a tool similar to bungee jumping: from the ground you are shot up and falls down. Paradise Beach is the mecca of water sports lovers: water skiing, paragliding, canoeing, pedal boats, banana boats. Despite the huge amount of people that crowd the beach, the sea is clean and transparent. Needless to warn that if you are not interested in music this is a beach to avoid. Paradise Beach is 6 km from the Chora which is connected by public transport and taxi-boats that connect it to other beaches on the south coast of the island. The access road is paved, in excellent condition, but be careful at night because it is not lit.


Super Paradise is Mykonos's most gay-friendly and naturist beach. As usual, from the afternoon until sunset, very loud music fills the air. Super Paradise is very well equipped: sunbeds, umbrellas and more to hire; in addition, there are bars, restaurants and shops. Of course it is not reccomended for those who do not like chaos and loud music. There are several accommodations near the beach, especially apartments and rooms for rent that overlook the surrounding hills. You can arrive by boat which depart from Chora and from Platys Gialòs, or with a vehicle just taking the road that leads to Ano Mera as indicated.

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