Mykonos is famous all over the world as a party destination, but in reality it is the perfect destination for a wonderful beach holiday. The beaches of Mykonos satisfy all tastes: in addition to the beach parties that attract many young people from all over Europe, in Mykonos it is possible to find quiet havens still unspoilt with all the amenities, perfect even for families with small children. From the most peaceful and wild to the most lively and equipped, today we will discover the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Megali Ammos

Starting from the capital and going south towards Ornos, the first beach you meet is Megali Ammos. Although not organized, it is always very crowded because it is frequented by all the tourists who stay in the capital and those who are passing through Mykonos. Its name, which means great sand, derives from the fact that before building the road behind it, it extended in depth for several hundred meters. While preserving a wild appearance (without umbrellas and deck chairs), Megali Ammos offers many services in the surroundings: supermarkets, hotels and a tavern just a few steps from the shore. During times of war, Megali Ammos was often used to secretly transport goods and weapons to and from other islands. This situation fueled a series of legends including that of the ghost of Kapetanaki, a terrible pirate who still today would haunt the beach. In fact, this story was told to scare people so they could trade undisturbed at night.


Just 3 km from the town of Mykonos is Ornos, once a fishing village, today a small and quiet tourist center in the homonymous bay. There are facilities of all types and categories and the village offers everything that can be useful for your stay. The beach is quite deep and wide, very equipped, the depths are shallow. The atmosphere is relaxed, even often towards lunch time there is a bit of chaos when it starts to crowd. At that point, you can take a break to eat in one of the waterfront taverns, among the best on the island. The beach is well connected by public transport and offers enough parking places. Fortunately, the authenticity donated by the boats often moored is not lost. Arriving early in the morning, you can see the fishermen just returned from fishing, while cleaning the fish before bringing it to the taverns and market stalls.


In the homonymous bay, just before arriving at Ornos Beach, and right in front of the football stadium of Mykonos is the beach of Korfos, one of the best spots in Mykonos for lovers of kitesurfing and windsurfing. The geophysical characteristic of the bay and the shallow depth of the seabed create perfect conditions for practicing these sports. There is a kite school that organizes courses for every level and hires all the equipment. The presence of all these sportsmen does not ruin the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of the beach, a mixture of sand and soil. In case of need, there are several commercial activities and other useful services along the way. La Chora is just 2.5 km away.

Agios Ioannis

Agios Ioannis is located on a good point on the west coast, is one of the best spots to admire the sunset. On the horizon one can glimpse the outline of the sacred island of Delos. The white sand and pebble beach is divided into two parts by a rocky area, to the left of which is the widest and most visited area. Although not far from the Chora, it is a rather quiet beach. The seabed is low for a long distance and it is never too windy. It is a suitable place for families with children because there are a good number of umbrellas and sunbeds. Agios Ioannis, as in the case of Megali Ammos, is the scene of a legend, always teasing to remove people in order to allow the smuggling of goods. On this occasion the protagonist is not a ghost, but the sirens that with their song attract people to the sea to drown them. If taking the road between Agios Ioannis and Ornos take the detour to the south. You pass by a beautiful and elegant hill area that hides Glyfadi, a very small beach (a few tens of meters wide) of sand and pebbles. There are few umbrellas, it is intimate and perfect for snorkeling: the rocks on the sides of the beach hide, underwater, really incredible rocky seabeds. There are no bars or restaurants.


Kapari is a small beach hidden among high cliffs that form a rather narrow bay. It is one of the most peaceful and intimate beaches of Mykonos, perfect for those looking for a place not very popular and, at the same time, not far from Chora (5.5 km). The sand is light yellow, the dark blue sea. Beautiful and bright during the day, it becomes one of the most romantic places in Mykonos at sunset. There are no umbrellas, no bars or taverns. It is therefore necessary to bring everything with you because the nearest refreshment point is about 500 m. Kapari can only be reached on foot or by scooter because, after passing the beach of Agios Ioannis, the road becomes narrow and rough. It is not indicated, but just follow the signs to Agios Ioannis and then continue. You reach the top of a cliff from which you can see the whole beach. After parking your vehicle, you need to go down a short path.


A couple of kilometers from the town of Mykonos, in the north direction, is Tourlos. Once a quiet fishing village, but after the birth of the new port, it has become a lively tourist center that welcomes daily passengers of cruise ships. Many tourist structures have arisen, its beach has lost its ancient charm, and the waters of the sea suffer the intense naval traffic, fortunately, not so much to be defined as polluted. There are numerous bars and tavernas in the bay, some facing the sea. The nearby church of Agios Georgios is admired for its important collection of Russian icons and the curious red dome. A chapel of the same name, built in the rock, is located between the village and the nearby beach of Agios Stefanos. In the waters of the bay of Tourlos the icon of the Madonna with Child Jesus was found. Today it is kept in the monastery of Tourliani, in Ano Mera. During the winter period, the icon is transferred to the Orthodox cathedral of Chora. Tourlos is well connected by public service, especially with the capital and the beach of Agios Stefanos, the latter can also be reached on foot.

Agios Stefanos

The beach of Agios Stefanos is located just after the new port of Tourlos. It takes its name from the nearby chapel. It is a beach suitable for families: sunbeds and umbrellas, play areas and clear sea, very light colors and shallow sandy bottoms. Furthermore, it is well sheltered from the Meltemi wind. The best time to stay in Agios Stefanos is in the late afternoon: almost all have left and on the horizon you can admire the best sunset in Mykonos. Not being very large, the beach very often fills with people. To find a good place (and a parasol) do not  arrive later than 10.00. In case you want to stay on the beach there are bars and taverns  at the beach.

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