In autumn, Greece is still a great destination for those who want to have a holiday or a weekend before winter arrives. Here are some ideas for a nice holiday.

With the passing of the years Greece has climbed the rankings and today is one of the tourist destinations preferred by most visitors due to a rich and interesting tourist heritage. The long history behind it has particularly marked the Greek territory leaving many traces of the past, but the country's identity is also characterized by extraordinary landscapes and by nature for long stretches still untouched. Furthermore, the warm climate favours beautiful holidays at any time of the year, including autumn.

Global temperatures have changed almost everywhere, now there are no more marked distinctions between seasons, so it's not very easy to decide a holiday destination based on weather forecasts. In general, the climate in Greece is mild and autumn is a fantastic time to start discovering one of its many islands and also you are able to swim in the sea and enjoy the sun, especially during the day.

Island of the cichlids, Mykonos is certainly the most stereotypical, thanks to its neat appearance, made of white houses with coloured windows and flowered balconies. Much frequented during the summer months, by tourists from all over the world, Mykonos is loved a lot because of its worldliness made up of trendy clubs and refined restaurants, so many jet-setters have come with their luxurious yachts to experience holiday in the clearest sea and nightlife. In the fall, the island of Mykonos changes  and turns into a relaxed and quiet place, frequented mainly by northern European tourists, many people eager to discover the true soul of Mykonos.

If you are thinking of how to move around as soon as you arrive on the island, you will find a Ktel bus company, the main one in all of Greece, guarantees travel but the timetable from the airport to the bus station, where they stop and depart all , but they are not always at the time of arrival and departure of flights. Also on the bus timetable at the airport bus stops, weekday times are only shown so if you happen to arrive on a Saturday or Sunday your best choice is a taxi to reach Chora.

Surely the whole ancient center of Mykonos deserves to be visited calmly getting lost in its narrow streets, looking at the windows of fashionable shops or simply enjoying so much architectural harmony. Little Venice is certainly one of the most famous and photographed attractions of Mykonos, a series of picturesque houses built on the water that remind you of the city of Venice, equally beautiful are the windmills of Mykonos, located above Alefkandra west of the city of Chora and within walking distance from the center.

As for the beaches in Mykonos there are several and all are as beautiful such as Super Paradise or Paradise Beach, particularly appreciated by young people. Although we must say that especially at the end of the season the ideal solution for a nice swim and some sunny hours is to stay in the surroundings of Chora, for example close to the windmills where you will find small and reserved bays ideal for spending a quiet couple of hours from 11 to 15 when the temperature is ideal for both swimming and lying in the sun. Another unforgettable trip from Mykonos is the one to the nearby Delos, to discover archaeological excavations of ancient Greece, only 45 minutes away from Mykonos.

At sunset Mykonos is at its best, the setting sun envelops cities and headlands giving a unique show, most visitors go by the sea or in the bars to experience one of the best moments of a holiday in beautiful Mykonos. A piece of advice is to bring a sweatshirt before dinner, the wind at nightfall begins to blow, reminding us that we are almost at the beginning of winter in Greece.

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