Greece, a paradise during the summer season but not to be missed during winter.

A country to be discovered away from crowds and crowded beaches of the highest season, in a dimension of peace and tranquility. In addition, prices are decidedly lower, without foregoing the excellent cuisine, the superb landscapes and its historical roots.

Where to go when the cold season approaches? Chasing this pristine paradise when the temperature starts to fall, you can enjoy the best of both the lesser known and the more well known islands, which are usually full of holiday makers. All you need to do is choose, as the country has places suitable for every needs.

Mykonos is one of the most known Greek island. In summer it's visited by thousands of tourists for its beaches and fashionable life. But in winter, although the weather is still good, life changes completely: thanks to the mild temperatures, you can swim until December and the excursions are a must, 'cause they are the best way to see the island from the above.

Kos, the island with clear waters and enchanting beaches. If during the summer the island is packed with tourists , in winter there are few visitors and many destinations to visit: the island is famous for the Archaeological Museum where you can find the oldest statue of Hippocrates. Trips are organized in the city and the whole island is characterized by numerous hills where you can take long walks.

Syros is part of the Cyclades islands. It is one of the few islands maintaining the same popularity during the winter, despite the temperatures are not suitable for the beach life or for a swim. The squares, the town hall and the theater, are some of the places not to be missed. The intellectual center is the place where to find a lot of artists, where you can learn about the life of the island.

Crete is part of the larger islands. Although its 600,000 inhabitants, tranquility is not lacking. In the winter season the mild temperatures allow you to walk on the beach, go trekking in the archaeological sites that extend visibly and you have the opportunity to visit the Palace of Knossos without having to share those walls rich in history with other tourists.

Idra is one of the islands closest to Athens. Although very busy, life is very quiet due to the absence of cars as motor vehicles are not allowed. Here too winter activities are not lacking: Idra offers a splendid art gallery, always open churches to visit and a dozen monasteries, including the Agia Efpraxia monastery and the prophet Elias' one.

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