In Greece, as in all Mediterranean countries, people follow the Mediterranean diet, based on olive oil, which in addition to health benefits, gives Greek food a special and unique taste.

The popular Greek dishes include Moussaka and Pastitsio, which are baked in the oven, Souvlaki and Gyros instead are with roasted meat (pork or chicken) usually served in a pita with traditional tzatziki sauce.

We must not forget that the Greek cuisine is famous for its appetizers, called Meze. Each snack includes many types of meat, cheeses and other delicacies. The appetizers are often served with ouzo, the most popular greek drink, but can also be accompanied with arrack wine.

Mykonos has an ancient culinary tradition. Among the typical products of the local gastronomy are the Kopanisti; an excellent , very spicy goat cheese obtained after repeated fermentation. It is a special cheese, famous for its spicy taste and its strong aroma. It can also be served together with a cucumber or tomato salad. Although, this cheese is also found in other Cycladic islands, the Kopanisti produced in Mykonos is the most delicious. Another much appreciated specialty is Louza; roasted pork with salt, pepper and other spices; It is served in thin slices as a snack.

The most popular desserts are the Baklava, the Ghalatoboureko and Loukoumades. Also among sweets amygdalota should definitely be tasted with its special aroma and should be accompanied by a typical drink soumada, a traditional refreshing soft drink made from almond milk.

In recent years the level of quality has grown, and many chefs have decided to reinterpret their dishes creatively. On the island you can find really trendy restaurants, and immerse yourself in what are the latest trends in the culinary sector. Fusion cuisine is one of these new trends, where the flavors and presentation techniques are mixed, resulting in innovative dishes. It is a real way of thinking about food culture, broadening horizons.

The fusion cuisine should not be regarded as a mix of flavors, incorporated into a dish without any reason, but must be seen as a way to incorporate fragrances of various origins, in a totally harmonious way. The result will be a new dish, which will bring with it different stories. It is very important to be aware of what you are eating, enjoying and living every single flavor of our food. This is one of the reasons why we have created the Aquafusion Service. We soon realized our clients deserve a unique cooking service to enhance their villa holiday even more. We were the first in Mykonos to launch a fully dedicated in-house chef service, exclusively available for our villa guests, able now to enjoy an unprecedented level of personalized service. Quality cooking in a private kitchen requires special skills and training, as well as a logistic back-up and good local knowledge. All aspects that cannot be matched by a restaurant catering or by an independent cook hired for the occasion.

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