In the autumn, Greece is still a great destination for those who want to have a vacation or a weekend before the arrival of winter. Over the years, Greece has climbed the rankings and today it is one of the favorite resorts for most visitors because of a rich and interesting tourist heritage. The long history behind it has particularly marked the Greek territory leaving many traces of the past, but the identity of the country is also characterized by extraordinary landscapes and nature for long stretches still uncontaminated. The favorable climate also favours beautiful holidays any time of year, including autumn.

The beautiful mediterranean climate of Mykonos Island suggests an autumn visit to this beautiful Greek resort, where you can admire the splendid Aegean Sea, but also characterized by a lively nightlife. Despite the summer season being the most suitable place to enjoy a memorable holiday in Mykonos, even in the autumn you can enjoy the Island without the crowds. There are Various nightclubs where you can have fun all night, a similar vibe to Ibiza. The best way to visit even the most hidden corners of the Island is to rent a vehicle. This is an easy way to get to know the wild coves in Mykonos, including Agrari. We also recommend a round trip to the centre, typically Greek, with white and blue coloured houses and abundant restaurants and souvenir shops. An ideal place to buy some nice presents and where to taste typical products such as gyros, Greek pork specialties, and the famous moussaka.

Not far from Mykonos lies the island of Delos, an archaeological site dating back to 1990, placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and historically linked to the mythological figures of Apollo, god of light and music, and Artemis, goddess of hunting. The island, now uninhabited, is easily accessible from Mykonos by boat.

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