The island of Mykonos is a point of reference for international tourism, as those who visit for its ‘movida’ night and for its fascinating landscape and its history. Among other things not to be missed and that should be definitely visited during your stay in Mykonos are:

Panagia Paraportiani Church

The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Panagia in greek) and its absolutely origina structure , is a real masterpiece of architecture, which can be reached walking along the oldest part of the city, in the heart of the Kastro, advancing along the neighborhood of Alefkandra, so called, curiously, “little Venice”, the medieval settlement from which the medieval city develops, with the characteristic labyrinth of alleys and narrow streets. This incredible building, which stands out with its gleaming white near the main entrance of the port is one of the most photographed attractive and admired buildings by the many tourists who come to Mykonos during their holidays. Its name, which means secondary door or inner door, is due to the fact that the church was located in one of the openings of the ancient circle of walls that once, in medieval times, surrounded the city and the old fort. Paraportiani is actually not a real church, but rather a cluster of five small churches, since the original construction , built from 1475, until the 17th century, one after the other. The foundations of the four churches were then fused together in such a way as to act as the base for the fifth church, the latter surmounted by a dome.

Little Venice district

Little Venice is located near the city center and is the most charming and picturesque of Mykonos. Among the most popular and photographed of the island, Little Venice is considered a symbol of the island with characteristc houses on the water but also to the concentration of several restaurants, bars and clubs within walking distance from the sea. The restaurants of Little Venice offers typical Greek cuisine with delicious fresh fish dishes. The best time to enjoy Little Venice at sunset, when the sun kisses the sea and offers beautiful colours on small colourful houses that overlook the sea. Night falls and the area comes alive with tourists who flock to the various places to dine or drink with the background of the sea and the narrow streets between the white houses of the island.


Since the 16th century one of the constituent elements of the island of Mykonos has been an abundance of windmills, which still represent one of the most evocative and picturesque attractions of this famous Cyclades island. The importance of the windmills in the past was remarkable, when most of the agricultural production, a grain with olives, needed these ingenious buildings and their equipment to be able to grind and squeeze products of the earth with only the force of the wind, extracting wheat flour and oil from olives. The island’s strategic location ensured a constant flow of products to be processed, both for the islanders, and for those who lived on the surrounding islands, and for those who carried out long routes between Asia and Europe, coming through Venice first, then stopping here for agricultural products. A few decades ago all there were 16 working windimills. They were circular, whitewashed with lime and with a wooden conical roof and were distributed in two locations, on top of the old medieval city, where they still remain, and in the lower part of town, within easy reach for those who had to access by sea. The latter no longer exist today, industrialization and new grinding techniques have made it disfunctional , while those remaining higher up have been transformed and renovated to become intriguing houses and, as in the case of the Bonis windmill , into a museum.

Matoyianni Street

Matoyianni is the most popular and crowded street of Mykonos. Full of shops and designer boutiques, artwork and jewelry, and in the evening, it is the ideal place for those who want to take a cocktail. By the way, you’ll be surprised by the beauty of the houses from radiant white colour, from the flowers that decorate the terraces. Getting lost in the magic streets of the area is to find the essence of the island.

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