Scorpios Live Presents Matanza & Lum – August 16th

Borders are scars. That’s why Matanza has been constantly exploring making music with Latin American shamans, Mapuche female singers, Andean hand drummers, and Colombian bagpipers. They present this collaboration as a timeless union of traditional and modern sound. Their music is a call for accord, a pray for consciousness, and an invitation to revitalize our roots as humans, brothers, and as one. With their new set they take us on a journey through outer space, sailing in a canoe over the stars and past jungles and deep rivers, playing all along leather and wood instruments that originate from every corner of our Native Americas.

LUM is above all a spiritual encounter, a ritual séance for the acquisition of one’s essence, a ceremony. In a way, it’s also a therapy alleviating personal sorrows and, well, by extension, mitigating the civilizational predicaments. To a certain degree, it’s a course in tribal culturology. Fundamentally, it is LUM’s dream.


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