SNEAKY SUNDAYS with Monsieur Graz, Kaz Jamess and Alex Nude – 31st July

SNEAKY SUNDAYS is a weekly dance floor exploration, deep into the world of disco and techno laced house music. Hosted by Sneaky Sound System, aka vocalist extraordinaire Miss Connie and DJ/Producer Black Angus, the Australian duo have been stirring things up around the world for more than a decade with their unique blend of live house music. With three multi-platinum, critically acclaimed, award-winning albums to their name and a swag of brand new tunes, Connie and Angus bring their much loved live program to Scorpios to perform alongside MONSIEUR GRAZ, Kaz Jamess and Alex Nude.

It really is impossible to file Monsieur Graz under one neat and tidy heading. He is a globetrotting, eclectic and inquisitive vinyl hunter that is most at home warming things up from a slow and rhythmic throb; to glorious sun soaked euphoria. Fresh from a string of shows in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris and Marseille we welcome the longtime Sneaky Sundays collaborator to Mykonos for the fist time.


Scorpios Beach Club at Paranga Beach

► +30 22890 29250