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Hippie Fish lunch in Mykonos

Hippie Fish (Agios Ioannis)





Famous for being featured in the movie Shirley Valentine, Hippie Fish is a classic when it comes to Mykonos’ beach tavernas. With a location overlooking Agios Ioannis beach and service to its sunbeds and umbrellas, this venue is perfect for a long day at the beach with excellent service and a great option for lunch or dinner. The menu boasts a variety of traditional Greek dishes and delicious seafood.

Kuzina lunch in Mykonos

Kuzina (Ornos)





Kuzina is a fairly new venue but came onto the scene very strong with a fresh ambien- ce, hip beach service and a hand-picked menu that features an array of revisited Greek dishes. It is also renown for being one of the main sushi spots on the island and serves this delicacy directly at your sun bed as well. A local DJ plays music throughout the day, with more mellow vibes in the evening.

Pasaji lunch in Mykonos

Pasaji (Ornos)





An idyllic location on the beach and tempts you to savour unmatched dishes, relax on the sand while refreshing yourselves with exclusive cocktails. The menu is based on the purest local ingredients combined with the aromas of the East, creating a unique fusion menu; celebrate the diversity and commonality of Greek, Italian and Asian cuisine.

N'Ammos lunch in Mykonos

N'Ammos (Psarou)





N’Ammos is possibly one the most famous beach restaurants in Europe, well known to be the hangout spot of the celebrities and socialites on the island. It boasts a choice of three different restaurants and menues, N’Ammos, Coo & N’Ammos Concept with an extravagant wine & champagne list. The excellent beach service along with its late afternoon loud, stylish and wild beach parties made its fame worldwide.

Branco lunch in Mykonos

Branco (Platis Gialos)





Branco, one of the latest Mykonos boutique Hotel entry, is located on Platis Gialos beach. Its new glamourous reastaurant aimes to re-introduce Greek recipes using old memories of taste, to create new palate experiences, through the spectrum of gourmet cuisine.

Khalua lunch in Mykonos

Khalua (Paranga)





Located right on the stunning Paraga beach, one of the smallest and loveliest beaches in the island, it is the ultimate setting for a relaxing cocktail, a delightful meal or an unforgettable party. The team works hard to provide you a truly unique gastronomic experience that combines exceptional Mediterranean cuisine & Sushi.

Scorpios lunch in Mykonos

Scorpios (Paranga)





A beachfront open-air open-floor restaurant furnished with large tables, thoughtfully designed to accommodate and advocate this dietary lifestyle in a nourishing environment. The cuisine is a fresh take on the evergreen Mediterranean Diet with organic, local and predominantly vegetarian dishes accompanied by a plenitude of pre-selected fine wines.

Jackie O'Beach lunch in Mykonos

Jackie O'Beach (Super Paradise)





Lovely long sandy beach, which is often a favorite for its bay’s deep blue waters. While the right side is gay friendly, the far left side of the beach is boasting a young party crowd enjoying loud music. Super Paradise has recently returned to its splendor, with quality and stylish new establishments like Pinky Beach & Jackie.

Solymar lunch in Mykonos

Solymar (Kalo Livadi)





One of the best beach restaurants on the island, SolyMar caters to its own lines of sun beds and umbrellas with impeccable service while also being a picturesque spot for lunch or dinner just across from the fine sands of Kalo Livadi. A refined menu that encompasses fresh catches of the day is a perfect match for the stylish ambience, with a musical background throughout the day with lounge and chill-out tunes.

Spilia Tavern lunch in Mykonos

Spilia Tavern (Agia Anna)





Spilia is a hidden gem, tucked away to the right hand side of Agia Anna, surrounded by rock it boasts a unique vibe in the most traditional of settings for a beach taverna. The menu is purposely maintined minimal with a great emphasis on the catch of the day dishes and typical meze. Great for an afternoon lunch in a unique spot with a staff that prides itself on keeping things as they were in the good old days.

Fokos Tavern lunch in Mykonos

Fokos Tavern (Fokos & Mersini)





For those in the know this might seem like an obligated entry given this is the only restaurant on the beach of Fokos but for good reason it falls in our preferred lunch spots. A great venue with authentic feeling thanks to the typical menu with various surprising dishes. Perfectly fit for those who wish to have a delicious lunch in the small hidden heaven that is Fokos beach on the norther-eastern side of the island.

Alemagou lunch in Mykonos

Alemagou (Ftelia)





For those looking to find the alternative place, Alemagou plays a dominant role in a shortlist of choices. Concieved on a tucked away cove on Ftelia, it has become one of the island favorites thanks to a unique approach to dining on Mykonos, with a natural surrounding and an overall laid back atmosphere throughout the restaurant, friendly staff and good choice of delicacies from its refined cuisine.

Principauté de Mykonos lunch

Principauté de Mykonos (Panormos)





The new venture of a veteran team on Mykonos, set to cater to the utmost sophistication. With tables set under a large pergola-shaded area and directly on the sand, enhanced by a cool lounge area, Panormos offers a nice array of Greek- Mediterranea fusion cuisine oriented dishes in a vibrant and trendy setting. Throughout the summer the restaurant is also venue to cool parties with music & drinks right on the sea.

Kalosta lunch in Mykonos

Kalosta (Panormos)





Tucked away to the side of Panormos beach with charming terraces overlooking the bay, Kalosta is a rather simple and tranquil taverna set in a picturesque area. The menu ticks all boxes of Greek cuisine from entrees to deserts and spirits. A laid back venue for those looking to enjoy the authentic local specialties just above one of the most sought-after and trendy beaches on the island.

Kiki's lunch in Mykonos

Kiki's (Agios Sostis)





Kiki’s is a true, and most probably the last, stronghold in authenticism on the island, it has remained true to its concept summer after summer. Well known for its magical and picturesque location, it is a must for all those who wish to cherish a timeless experience on Mykonos. True to the laid-back concept this restaurant does not take reservations and is only open for lunch, therefore expect a bit of a wait!

buddha bar2

Buddha Bar (Ornos)





Buddha Bar Beach stretches out on an impressive beachfront terrace within the Santa Marina hotel in Ornos. Ideally reachable by boat, a perfect venue for a stylish lunch, with the menu features an inspired mix of asian, south-american and european flavours – all light dishes for a comfortable bite in this laid-back, seaside setting.

Liasti lunch in mykonos

Liasti (Lia)





Liasti came to be a couple of years back and has held its ground as one of the main venues for lunch on the southeastern side of the island. Located right on Lia beach, it boasts a Greek-centered menu, a charming minimal venue for those looking to have the perfect day on this tranquil beach. Also open for dinner for an even more quite and chill experience, away from the more crowded spots closer to town.