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SOME WORDS ABOUT MYKONOS: FOR fb EVENT DESCRIPTION Located in the center of the Cyclades island group, Mykonos is worldwide famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and vivid nightlife! No wonder why it’s widely known as the “Ibiza of Greece”! Mykonos holiday is an experience of a lifetime and there’s a whole heap of amazing things to do in Mykonos. Marvel the amazing sunset from Little Venice Mykonos, stroll around the narrow-paved streets of Chora, enjoy your stay at the luxurious Mykonos hotels, dance the day away at epic beach parties and swim at the exotic Mykonos beaches. When the sun goes down, join the nightlife scene of the island and party all night long at the legendary Mykonos clubs! On the other hand, What comes first to your mind when you hear about Saint Tropez? You are probably thinking of celebrities, glamour, and yachts, exclusive clubs, etc. Don’t worry. I thought the same! And it is true: the city has it all. For the first time – 2 amazing locations – 2 amazing places unite the party feeling and create a double massive event! FROM MYKONOS TO SAINT TROPEZ Enjoy the spirit and get influenced by the dance soundtrack of two famous Greek Djs performing on the Island, the young & talented DJ Marnick & the Top local Myconian DJ Terry, both playing at legendary Cavo Paradiso Club & Tropicana Beach Bar! MYKONOS VIBE IS COMING FROM TROPICANA BEACH BAR THE #1 BEACH CLUB ON THE ISLAND TO SAINT TROPEZ & NIKKI BEACH! On Wednesday, August the 14, the first party of the double event “FROM MYKONOS TO SAINT TROPEZ” is taking place at Mykonos best beach club, Tropicana and on Friday August 23 we move Mykonos vibe to Saint Tropez DJ MARNICK Marnick is a Dj/Producer from Greece born in 1998 (21) based in Amsterdam,Netherlands and Monte Carlo,Monaco. From the age of 16 Marnick started his music career with his performance at Colour Day Festival in the Olympic Stadium of Athens,Greece in front of 32.000 people.Later on many gigs followed all over Greece in really cool parties and festivals like Massive Story, Dreamland Festival, Colour Day season 3 etc, Summer Paradise Festival, Cavo Paradiso Mykonos & Tropicana Mykonos. At the age of 18 Nick aka Marnick moved to Amsterdam where he finished his studies in Sound Design and Sound Engineering and he made his first release with Ensis Records. Later on his tracks are released and distributed by Universal Music,Ensis Records,Planetworks and many more! After the performances in Amsterdam-Monte Carlo,the radio AirPlay and the latest releases at the age of 21 Marnick started planning an international tour and a release plan with different vibes-genres in every track for the year that is coming. Feel the Good Vibes!


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