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Discovering the beaches of Mykonos – Part 2

The Mykonos beaches are stunning, thanks to the crystal clear waters and golden sand. Some beaches are well equiped for all types of tourists, others remain untouched and unexplored and reveal “paradise” solitary, real sandy wonders and silence.


Agios Ioannis Beach

The Agios Ioannis Beach is slightly isolated and located near Ornos occidenatale on the south coast of the island. Considered the most beautiful beach of the coastal area, it has a coastline characterized by soft white sand bathed by a blue clear sea. The beach is very small, intimate, quiet and it has very impressive views of the island of Delos. Here you can find the famous restaurant Hippie Fish which was also where the movie  Shirley Valentine was set in 1989.


Psarou Beach

The Psarou Beach is located about 5 km from Mykonos town and is often frequented by celebrities. The beach is not very big and has a sandy coastline of fine, golden sand, bathed by a transparent and crystal clear sea,. Psarou is also well-equipped, and you can find the famous beach club and restaurant Nammos. You can reach the beach from the nearby Platis Gialos.


Platis Gialos Beach

The Beach Platis Gialos is one of the most popular on the island and is located about 4 km from Mykonos town. The beach is not very long and is characterized by fine and clear sand. The sea is calm, crystal clear and turquoise. Here, too, for those interested there is also the possibility to practice water sports. The beach also offers many shops, bars and restaurants such as the renewed Bonatza, located just above the shoreline.


Lia Beach

The Lia Beach is located about 14 km south of Mykonos town. It is a small beach, sheltered from the wind and characterized by a white sandy coastline. The sea is transparent, crystalline and coloured with different shades of blue. The beach is equipped, and on its right lies  the charming restaurant Liasti.


Kalafatis Beach

The Kalafatis Beach is a white sand strip considered a paradise for windsurfing lovers. This beach is always very windy and therefore rarely calm, but the sea is clear and blue. The beach is located about 12 km from Mykonos center is fully equipped and offers bars and restaurants of which we suggest Nesaea, for a unique dining experience.


Elia Beach

The Beach Elia which is situated a few kilometers east of Super Paradise, is probably the most beautiful and longest beach on the island. It is a vast stretch of golden sand divided in half by a rocky bank and protected by green vegetation. The clear emerald sea gives a sense of peace and tranquility. The beach is equipped and offers bars and restaurants such as Elia Beach Restaurant. In some areas you can practice nudism. The beach is located about 12 km from Mykonos center on the south side of the island.


Paranga Beach

The Paranga Beach opens on the headland to the east of Platis Gialos and is divided in half by a small promontory. The beach is characterized by an area of fine and white sand and the sea is transparent, crystalline between the emerald green and light blue, very calm and with  low   slopes that lean gently towards the sea. The beach is located about 5 km from Mykonos town and the Paradise Beach can be reached on foot within minutes. The beach is equipped and offers trendy restaurants and beach clubs like Scorpios and Kalua.


Ftelia Beach

The Ftelia beach is at the end of a large bay in the center of the northern coast of the island of Mykonos. It is the ideal destination for surfers when the Meltèmi,  the north wind that caresses the islands of the Cyclades blows. Frequented and much appreciated by windsurfing lovers it is a great sandy uncrowded quiet beach,. The landscape of sand and rocks is wild and is ideal for a swim when the winds blow from the south. The beach is not equipped but you can stop at Alemagou restaurant with its relaxed atmosphere, which is  located at the end of the beach.


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