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The old Mykonos’ port

The pedestrian promenade that runs around the old port of Mykonos features cafes, boat ticket offices and jewelers, lined in front of the colorful boats of fishermen.READ MORE

Syros: Authentically Greek Island

6152022423_97daeec303_z You can make several trips from the capital of Mykonos to other nearby islands… … Syros is an island of merchants and shipbuilders, and a thriving city in the past and present.READ MORE

Agios Stefanos Village

cara lowry Agios Stefanos and Tourlos are the first towns you meet going north from Hora, the ancient city of Mykonos, and are located along the northwest coast of the island.READ MORE

Little Venice

gian antonio zapparoli One of the places symbol of Chora is Little Venice, the district so called because the houses with their balconies are built above the water and remind to those of Venice. READ MORE

Matogianni Street

a4ea53c7f8f41d445917342a0755a130Matogianni is the most known street in Mykonos, for the shopping and the nightlife. Here you will find many designer stores with clothes, accessories and jewels. Matogianni is also a perfect place for a drink after midnight, walking through its streets….and as the inhabitants say, all streets lead to Matogianni!!!

Lena’s House

lena_2 The house of Lena is next to the Maritime Museum and is open april 1st to October 31st with free entry. The house of the nineteenth century, belonged to the daughter of a rich merchant. In an elegant and comfortable atmosphere you can admire beautiful furniture and personal objects. Contact: +30 2289 022700

The Armenistis Lighthouse

petros asimomytis Built in 1891, the Armenistis Lighthouse is situated on the north-western tip of Mykonos, overlooking the strait that separates the island of Tinos from Mykonos. Due to its high elevation the view from this location is a particularly memorable scenic attraction. Specifically the lighthouse design is an octagonal cylindrical stone tower with lantern and gallery at an overall height of 19 meters (62 ft). Its focal plane is 184 meters (604ft) with a white beacon flash every 10 seconds. The original Fresnel lens when replaced was put into a replica lantern house which is now on display in the garden of the Aegean Maritime Museum in Mykonos Town. At a distance of approximately 6 km from town, the lighthouse can be reached by taking the north coastal road that passes through both San Stephanos and the Houlakia Bay area. (photo credits: P.Asimomytis)