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Anna Maria


  A founder of Devalvadi Yoga

ANNA MARIAAnna Maria is a director and founder of Devalvadi Yoga and Pilates Studio in Goa India, internationally recognized senior teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Pilates and Gyrokinesis. She has almost 25 years of teaching experience. A former professional dancer, Anna Maria imbues her classes with the grace and rhythm of a dance encouraging play and curiosity. Each class becomes a choreographed journey through the body and mind.

Anna Maria is warm, enthusiastic, and has an extensive knowledge about the human body and how to practice safely. Anna Maria is sharing her time between India and Mykonos teaching practitioners from all over the world the philosophy and poses of Yoga, digital system of Pilates and Gyrokinesis.


Barbara Reichau


Healing Space by Barbara Reichau

Barbara offers personal individual healing and coaching on a high professional basis. She is qualified using various techniques and tools (e.g. EFT, EMDR or Meridian Balancing) in order to find back your innermost balance or help you to eliminate overload like blockages from your past, e.g. physical fatigue or emotional discomfort.

For many years she helps people with their personal growth, healing processes, finding answers or new visions and impulses for their life. She helps you to mobilize your body‘s inner self-healing power & to improve the quality of your life.




Massage Treatments


In the privacy of your Luxury home in Mykonos

Massage treatments may also be taken in privacy in one of Aqualiving’s Luxury homes in the finest island of Mykonos. Discover the world of tailor made treatments carefully selected by Aqualiving amongst best therapist available on the island. Delve into an idyllic environment of tranquility for a rewarding and restoring Mykonos relaxing experience. Spread your wings and fly through a brilliant and seductive world of well-being created on purpose for pleasure-seeking individuals.