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Mykonos island, where past and present blend together

Mykonos is known as the most fashionable and commercial of the Greek islands, because throughout the summer season it offers, fun, marvellous beaches, romantic mills, clubs and trendy restaurants. Here the summer season starts just after Easter, and there is a continuous influx of tourists, thanks to the warm climate tempered by sustained winds.
Since ancient times with cosmopolitan crossroads of flourishing trade and tourism, this jewel of the Cyclades has a timeless appeal, which will allow you to get away from crowds and chaos and stroll along the little roads and see the quaint white houses built by pirates, the churches, markets and  beautiful Hellenic temples.
Choosing Mykonos as a destination for your holiday you will see ancient and modern blend together, and you will certainly not have time to get bored!

Surely the most interesting attractions of this island are its beautiful beaches.
Less than 5 kilometers from the capital is the most popular beaches of Mykonos: Paradise Beach, where at dawn. Between fine sand and crystal waters, tourists participating in one huge hypnotic techno party. There are numerous beach bars and restaurants and this stretch of coastline also offers one the opportunity to enjoy various water sports. As you move towards the famous Paranga area,  not far from Mykonos Town center, you will find two small beaches and crystal clear sea divided by a rocky promontory: the first a pebble beach is Agia Anna; but the second  Paranga, a sandy  beach with shallow water. Both are dotted with exotic umbrellas covered with palm leaves.
If you are looking for a relaxating get away from the crowds, along the bay of Livadi, which you can reach from Ano Mera just 10 kilometers from Mykonos, you’ll find the golden beach of Kalo Livadi. Here the scenery is lovely and being one of the areas most recently opened to tourism, you can still enjoy nature and a rather untouristy atmosphere.



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